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My name is Steve "aka" Fugster Farder and I wish to welcome you to my hobby website.

Originally when I started this site in September 2009, it was called Fugly Farter's World, but as there was confusion as to the meaning of the name, I changed the name to I guess less funny name. I guess most people understand the meaning of FUGLY, it meaning "Fucking Ugly" but the meaning of FARTER was misunderstood. In my day FART meant "Old Man" but obviously it was confused with a bodily function. Ha-Ha guess its an easy mistake to make. The name "Fugly" remains officially, extended to a nickname form Fugster. Why Farder? It has a similar sound to "Father" and although I am not a father in real terms sadly.

I have been called "Daddy" by "Younger", young gay's who seek out older men as relationship partner's, sexual partner's and/or confidants. My experience many either have no father or can not talk to their father, with some actually being straight and not gay, many just need a senior male figure they can talk too. With the introduction of the internet, email and chat, it has been much easier to connect to other people, as well as it offers some anonymity. I must have that sort of face I guess as it happens quite often that I am contacted by many younger's who confide in me, basically need someone who is not going to judge them, dismiss their needs and feelings, take them seriously and although everyone's pain is different I find my experiences have commonality to theirs.

I see the father, like the mother as people who cares for, supports, guides their child through life and into adulthood. Sadly in some situations, one or both parents fail to fulfil that role. Don't get me wrong, I do not consider myself to be anyone's father but coming from a non responsive situation with my father whose only attention towards me was of abuse, mental, verbal and physical throughout my childhood until his death in 1979. Although I have come to terms with my childhood, understand myself lot more, I have found it does get better, although sometimes it may not feel that way.

Anyway I hope you find something of interest in my website, sign my guestbook, read my blog, located in About Fugster Anyway I truly hope enjoy your stay on this my Hobby Website *hugs*

Opened: September 09, 2008